Fluid Simulation and Rendering in DirectX 12

Real time 3D Navier-Stokes fluid simulation displayed in a forward renderered scene through volumetric ray marching. The implementation only includes basic fluid behaviour, no advanced specifications.

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Game Engine Development - Hyphen

I took part in developing an engine at university. My specializations: Memory & Component-Container Management, Engine Programming interface, Math Library, Entity-Component-System, Engine Framework, Run-Time Type Identification.
Screenshots are taken from a demo game we made.

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GGJ 2016. Hue2 is a form of endless runner in which the player faces procedural sets of sequences. Every time you beat a sequence, you will get a longer, new sequence. Every time you fail, the sequence repeats. The name comes from the philips hue, which will display the color of the ingame environment as a flavor addition if you connect it!I worked on design and implementation.

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Software Ray Tracer

A CPU pre-rendered ray tracer using Snell's dielectric, Beer's Law, and Schlick's Fresnel-approximation.

Field-based Pathfinding

Experimental multi-goal based pathfinding using compound fields. The idea was to create a tweakable guidance environment for units in a real-time strategy game that would be easy to use.

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